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Support ideas born of constraints

Let me tell you a story about my friend, Francesco. After a spinal-cord injury left him paralyzed in 2002, Francesco Clark lost the ability to sweat. This led to clogged pores and chronic breakouts. But after five years of experimentation, Francesco and his dad, a doctor, developed a botanically-based homeopathic regimen. Francesco decided to go into business, founding Clark's Botanicals with less than $1,000. Funding remained hard to come by, but the company thrived. You can now find Clark's Botanicals just about everywhere, including in the First Class cabin of your next American Airlines flight. Francesco would never have had the idea for his company if not for his life experience, yet it was his life experience that made him a tough sell to investors.

To prevent this from happening to others, we created the Inclusive Fashion & Design Foundation, a nonprofit arm of our fashion trade association that promotes the creation and marketing of beautiful, functional products for people with disabilities.

It's easy to find stylish eyeglasses, but why should other assistive products (such as canes, orthotics, and braces) be ugly and stigmatizing?

As it turns out, there is no money in disability for fashion and there is no money in fashion for disability.

So we need your support. The Inclusive Fashion & Design Foundation will provide grants to people and companies with ideas for products people need—and want. Your gift will give ideas like Francesco's a chance.

And your gift may even improve your own life. Our friends at Eone created a tactile timepiece for a visually impaired friend—but 98% of Eone's consumers have no visual impairment whatsoever. Yes, our ideas are born of constraints. Some of the best ideas are born of constraints.

Your gift will initially empower the designer and will ultimately empower the consumer.

With gratitude,

Liz Jackson
Founder & Chief Advocacy Officer
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